David Janney

Nuclear Engineer

Mechanical Engineer






Software Developer


In addition to his passion for songwriting, producing music and film, David Janney is a nuclear & mechanical engineer and physicist, entrepreneur, and developer - graduating with dual degrees after 3 years in college by the age of 20, receiving the outstanding undergraduate award in his department.

On top of being versatile in style and instrumentation, he also raps and sings. He is best known in Richmond, VA, his hometown, for his spin on Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" which he had made for fun one night in 2011 as "Black and Gold" - a remix about his university, VCU. It was playing on the radio and in bars that same week. David has stayed low key since then - focusing on engineering and programming. He is currently (and always) working on new material - an avid songwriter, when he is not busy programming and developing. David has written original music for film, art, and dance pieces.